USMNT fans have hit out at Gregg Berhalter after the coach revealed news of a behind-the-scenes split in the World Cup camp over Gio Reyna’s reported behavior. 

Berhalter revealed Sunday that he nearly dismissed a player, , from his squad that advanced to the last-16 before being eliminated by Holland.

The winger hit back at the coach’s comments in a on Monday, taking responsibility for his actions but claiming he was under the belief that the details were supposed to be kept private by the team and staff. 

USMNT fans have hit out at Gregg Berhalter (left) after he leaked the Gio Reyna (right) fallout

US soccer supporters called for the coach to go as they claimed he could no longer be trusted

Since, Reyna’s statement, US soccer fans have blasted Berhalter for revealing private details from within the camp, claiming no player will ever trust him again. 

Some called for the coach, meu whose is out of contract with US Soccer at the end of the year, to go as they insisted there was no way he could lead the team going forward. 

Taking to social media, one fan posted: ‘Gregg tried to control the narrative, and failed.There’s no way back from this. He needs to go.’

Fans took to social media to clam Berhalter, insisting there was no way back from the scandal

Another echoed their thoughts, adding: ‘Gregg violated his own rules.Can’t be trusted with the program anymore, out of his element.’

One supporter claimed they ‘don’t see a path forward with him leading’ the US team, while another chimed in they couldn’t see Berhalter in charge of any roster in future as ‘no player will ever trust him again’.

Another fan, insisted that the manager needed to leave for the sake of the roster: ‘I like Greg but he needs to go.All this drama cannot be good for the future of USMNT.’

Others could not see a way forward for Berhalter with the US national team – or any squad

‘Gregg has to go,’ another supporter reiterated, ‘there’s absolutely no reason to air out such statements publicly with so many details 

One supporter compared the incident to Berhalter’s previous ‘feuds’ with players such as Weston McKennie, Matt Miazga and John Brooks and suggested that the coach was the one consistent. 

Another claimed that by bragging about how well he handled the situation, Berhalter had created a bigger problem. 

‘This is why Berhalter needs to go,’ they posted.’You have to practice what you preach and no matter how wrong Gio was you can’t throw him under the bus.’

One fan compared the incident with Reyna to Berhalter’s previous ‘feuds’ with players

Some fans said they couldn’t blame Reyna for speaking out as one posted: ‘Like who can blame a player for being upset after hearing this?And then for berhalter to just out him after the World Cup when the situation was supposedly already handled in Qatar? USMNT in shambles.’