Infrared Thermometer Contactless with Stand

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1. Non-contact, no need to hold hands to avoid cross infection.
2. Brand new chip, faster sensing time(0.1 s); the pass rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people / min).
3. High temperature measurement accuracy, precision tolerance: ±0.2 (34 ~ 45 ℃)
4. With warning light for detection failure and warning light for abnormal temperature.
5. Can be connected to USB power supply, charging treasure, self-installed lithium 18650 battery.
6. The computer can record data in real time and export records.
7. High-definition display, 5 meters viewing distance.
8. Intelligent infrared forehead thermometer, no need to hold, can be hung / double-sided tape / fixed bracket, etc.
9. Can be applied in Office / Subway / Family / Supermarket / Shop / Community / Entrance etc.


K3, K3s


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