Atomization Disinfecting Fogging Machine Professional 1500W


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Name: Disinfection atomizer machine/ Fog machine
Color: White
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1500W
Output: 2000cu.ft / min
Application: Car, Home, Office, Hotel, Market, etc.
Usage: Disinfection, purification of air, decomposition of odor

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1> Put the atomizing sterilizer in the car/ room and power ON. It is best to turn on the air conditioner (cold air) and medium air circulation at the same time during disinfection.
2> Wait for 3-5 minutes until the indicator light turns on.
3> Add the atomized liquid into the storage tank.
4> Place the suction tube into the disinfectant bottle.
5> Start the car, turn on the air conditioner, the temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted to 24 ° C, the wind speed is the highest grade, keep the doors and windows in the car/ room closed;
6> Put the fog machine on the car’s codriver’s footpad, rotate the rear timer button to the right for 4 minutes to start atomization.

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Dimensions 10.8 × 20.9 × 20.9 cm


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